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The Future of Personal Mobility

The way we understand our roads is rapidly changing. Thanks to new breakthroughs in personal mobility, the role of the traditional car, and the traditional insurance model, is shifting. Bike shares, electric scooters, ride-hailing apps, and autonomous vehicles are claiming more space on our roads than ever before. But what does that mean [...]

Jon AlvaradoJon Alvarado

3 Cs Make It Easier to Live with your 70 Million New Smart City Neighbors, Part 1: Connectivity

Just like the Earth’s population, interest and investment in smart cities is growing at a rapid clip. More than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and this is increasing at a rate of almost 2 percent a year. That’s 70,000,000 people a year moving to, or being born in, cities! Smart cities are a necessity, but what are [...]

Anenth GuruAnenth Guru