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3 Ways 5G Will Disrupt Driver Safety

Every day, drivers take significant risks when getting behind the wheel. And with the rise of 5G, it seems the stakes are getting higher. But what if our addictive mobile devices, and the data they utilize, made us safer while on the road? 5G is coming to a world caught in the middle of a massive distracted driving epidemic. An epidemic [...]

Jon AlvaradoJon Alvarado

Data is the New Seatbelt

To date, road safety technology improvements have maintained a status quo — massive carnage on our roads each year, yet an amount that Americans are willing to tolerate. Since mandating seatbelts in 1968, stricter drinking laws in 1984, and airbags in 1998, the number of traffic deaths in the U.S. has hovered between 40,000–50,000 a [...]

Noah BudnickNoah Budnick