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The Future of Personal Mobility

The way we understand our roads is rapidly changing. Thanks to new breakthroughs in personal mobility, the role of the traditional car, and the traditional insurance model, is shifting. Bike shares, electric scooters, ride-hailing apps, and autonomous vehicles are claiming more space on our roads than ever before. But what does that mean [...]

Jon AlvaradoJon Alvarado

Forecasting Dangerous Driving to Prevent Crashes

What if you knew when, where and why collisions occur… before they happened? Transportation planners commonly work with injury and fatality data to help set priorities for where and how to improve road safety. Although this is valuable information, it’s usually too late by the time they understand and act on it: people have already been [...]


The Road Ahead

When we founded Zendrive in 2013, our team was inspired by a common goal of innovating and improving transportation as we know it. We saw an industry ripe for change and set our sights upon making the experience better for everyone – from the rideshare companies revolutionizing the space, to fleets worldwide, and to the consumers [...]